The Medialink N Wireless Router Is A Great Device

I researched what wireless router I should buy, because I felt the need to go high-speed and wireless. The wireless N routers make use of the newest modern technology that basically means you can have a much faster internet experience. The Medialink Wireless N router kept getting my attention as a result of all the positive write ups about it on sites like PC World and Amazon… but I was still a bit leary due to the fact I had not heard of the company and because of the low price. But in the end I figured what the heck, it’s only a little more than $40 and I could always return it if I didn’t like it. I promptly got an email from the company thanking me for the order including the support details if needed. That was a nice touch .

The bottom line is that I am VERY glad I bought this. Getting it installed and operating is a straightforward process because of the clear set up directions. I was up and running in minutes.

A concern I had was if the Medialink Wireless N router would work correctly with my Cisco Wireless N Bridge, as it is known to be difficult to interface to non-Cisco products. However the Medialink Wireless N router works perfectly with the bridge. It communicated with it right after set up and it has worked rock solid ever since. It is considerably faster than my two previous wireless routers and the signal strength is quite strong everywhere in my house. In terms of the long term performance of the Medialink Wireless N router only time will tell. If it begins to give me trouble I’ll revise this post.

The last aspect concerning the Medialink Wireless N router is that it just looks so cool!

The only negative I could find is that the tech support line isn’t 24 hours. But I did not require it anyway, so maybe that is not a legitimate negative.

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