Building the Past in the Future

A friend of mine and I came up with the idea of making our own video game console. Rather than making something that would try to compete with all of the other high powered machines on the market, we decided that it would be best to make a retro styled console that would use cartridges. The console would have retro graphics and sounds and would go back to the old days when gaming was in its infancy. To raise money to build the console, my friend and I learned about marketing from a Ewen Chia review and created websites.

The websites were just a tool for us to get the money we needed. Since each of us had a functioning website, we were able to gain the money we needed to make our first prototype in less than a month. We both had engineering and programming experience that we gained in college, so we didn’t have to pay anyone else to do it. We bought the parts and put it all on a large breadboard. The breadboard was for the testing phase, and once we came up with the final design, we would make our own printed circuit board.

We tested the prototype with a simple program that we wrote on the computer. When you first start learning how to program, the first thing they ask you print in class is “Hello World”. We used the prototype to display this on the screen, which let us know that everything was working properly. We made some more complex programs to stress test the hardware and see how many objects we could display on the screen at a time without the game slowing down. Once that was figured out, we began creating game engines for it and made the case and controllers for the final product.

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