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Jedec taps nokia micron samsung semiconductor for non-volatile wireless memory subcommittee

April 13, 2012 — Standards body JEDEC Solid State Technology Association will form a subcommittee to its JC-64 Committee for Embedded Memory Storage and Removable Memory Cards focused on standardization of non-volatile memory (NVM) in wireless applications.Nokia will chair the subcommittee, with vice-chairs from Micron Technology and Samsung Semiconductor. Interested companies can join JEDEC to participate in the JC-64.9 Subcommittee for Wireless Memory. Also read: JEDEC publishes wide-I/O mobile DRAM standard Wireless memory is a next generation data transfer technology, enabling fast and low-power wireless connectivity with read/write capability between mobile devices (wireless memory hosts) and battery-free memory tags (wireless memory tags). A standard for wireless NVM will enable manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses to utilize the -100+ Mbit/s transfer rates achieved at close proximity, using very low power wireless memory,- said Hannu Kauppinen, head of Nokia Research Center. Consumers will experience fast wireless interactions. -More effective storage memory solutions- will work with digital apps to create new digital applications, said Jim Elliott, vice president, memory marketing and product planning, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. Elliot points out that wireless NVM offers multiple alternatives for sharing and storing content wirelessly, including device-to-device and device-to-accessory connectivity.

-Standardization activities will focus to create a solution which is memory interface agnostic with respect to the actual structure of the Wireless Memory Tag and Wireless Memory Host,- said Micron senior director for Wireless Solutions Group R&D, Marco Dallabora. JEDEC develops standards for the microelectronics industry. All JEDEC standards are available online at Visit the Semiconductors Channel of Solid State Technology!.Jedec taps nokia micron samsung semiconductor for non-volatile wireless memory subcommitteeJedec taps nokia micron samsung semiconductor for non-volatile wireless memory subcommittee ee

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Sennheiser Rs130 Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones are the kind of micro phones which are used to listen songs on different audio devices as these Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones are the latest technology invention they did not have any wire they work through Bluetooth and infrared which was not much reliable and accurate but Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones have the perfect rays detector so that it can effectively. Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones are large in size and can cover your ear they are much comfortable and their voice quality is excellent you really enjoy listening songs with Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones.

Comfortable Sennheiser rs130 wireless Headphones

The Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones are much comfortable as some of the large headphones cause headache and pain in ears but Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones provide you the complete comfort as they have perfect stuff and they are much soft which can cover your ear and you will feel much relax after listening songs with Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones. The technology is growing day to day and these Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones are found in IPods and game boy advance. You can also use the while going on long drive and your car does not have any stereo system.

Reliability of Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones

The Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones are much reliable as they provide you the wireless headphones as we have heard that wireless technology not works more effectively so I must tell you that these Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones can gives you everything that you need in the headphones with wires as they are easy to use because no wire is attached to it.

The Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones has the powerfull rays which can make the effective wireless utility this is one of the best feature of Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones as all that you need in wireless technology that it works properly as there are some wireless computer mouse which can not work properly but these Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones can fulfill all your needs.

Where to get Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones

These Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones can be easily available from any mechanic and audio shop. You can also get it through any games stores as these Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones also used in games. Well the easiest way to buy Sennheiser rs130 wireless headphones are the online stores which are dealing in different types of headphones

Wireless Headphones For Couch Potatoes – Obtain The Comfort

Wireless headphones are the latest development with the advancement of technology. It has provided the required convenience that an individual is looking forward to. Many advantages are offered with this products, for example, this product provides maximum convenience in hearing sounds without even bothering or getting bothered by people around the users. What is so-called wireless headphones for couch potatoes are ones that enable the users listening to music or other sounds without losing their comfort of sitting on a couch. According to urban dictionary, couch potato is one who is considered lazy as one just sit on a couch to watch TV all days.

Individuals belonging to such category can look forward to the wireless headphones that are available in the market. It is because this type of headphones do not need any wires structure, so that people can connect the headphones to a set of audio or video device and hear the sound through the hearing device without leaving their couch. Clearly, the main advantage of these wireless headphones for couch potatoes is that these headphones provide great convenience to the users. As there is no usage of wires, these headphones can be carried to anywhere and to the prescribed distance irrespective of the connection to an output. There are various models of wireless headphones that are present in the market. With the advancement of technology, many manufacturers now offer various kind of wireless headphones with high quality sound, enabling people to choose ones that is best for them. It is advisable to carry out a research that will enable an individual to collect information about different products that are currently available in the market.

You can get information about products of leading brands from their official websites. Different products are categorized according to their usage, specifications and the price tag of the product. The specifications of the headphones constitute the sound produced. Going through the specifications of a particular product will help the individual understand about its usage and will help them take a decision whether it will fit into their criteria or not. Many websites over the internet provide complete description about many products. Reviews can also be collected which will help choose the best wireless headphones for couch potatoes.

For you who want to get a product of wireless headphones, you can start doing some researches to find related information about best available products based on the category that you need. There are many manufacturers present in the market which are providing different models with the increasing technological advancement. Therefore, you should collect as many as information about the products in order to find the best wireless headphones for couch potatoes. Certain type of wireless headphones are equipped with special features like inbuilt radio or automatic connection to the audio device. Any additional feature that has been added will only increase the cost of the product.

Types Of Wireless Router Antenna

You could take an antenna for every desktop computer (in laptops, it comes with 1 built in) and simply have one router to send the wireless signal to all of your computers immediately. That means you do not have to worry on extensive cords and wires all over your office or house.

In particular, a wireless router antenna is used to get radio waves, which are produced by the router, and converts them back to electric pulses, which the PC could translate into data.

Types of Wireless Router Antennas


There are 2 types of this type of antenna. The first type the omni-directional antenna. This could boost signal a bit higher on all directions. This would be great if you are either setting up a business where in you provide free wifi or you just want to set up the router in the middle of your office or house. You can freely utilize your wireless devices all through your home. The second type of antenna is called the directional antenna. This antenna is used to broadcast a very strong signal in a direction.

Assuming you wanted to set up a business and you only utilize wireless devices on a particular side of the building. Since omni-directional antennas are not as powerful like the directional antennas (the reason for this is because they have to distribute the signal equally in all directions), you can simply set up a directional antenna anywhere in your house and point it in that direction.

Range Extender

A range extender is a directional antenna. The advantage of this type of antenna from that of the first one mentioned is that it could be applied to both omni directional and directional antennas. This antenna as well operates with the antenna that you already have.

The way it works is just like a mirror. You just have to plug in your router like the usual way of setting it up. However, this time, the signal it produces would bounce-off and the range extender shoots it back out on a higher frequency.

Say for instance you have a restaurant and you don’t only want to offer your customers a free wifi access, but you as well want to offer the entire surrounding of your restaurant a free wifi (for whatever reason). You could easily do that because the range extender could generally pickup signals up to 1 to 3 miles.

First Tdd Wireless Router- Huawei B593

Despite the strengthening and development of the LTE network in Germany LTE-capable hardware is sown still pretty thin. The Chinese manufacturer Huawei presents the LTE router model Huawei B593 claims to the world’s first LTE TDD router for your home network.

LTE wireless router—Huawei B593
The Huawei B593 will be available from October and support a download rate of up to 100 megabits per second. The first provider that will have the router in the offer, the Saudi Arabian operator Mobily.The connection to the home network of the Huawei B593 is either via a LAN connection or via Wi ago. Huawei indicates that connect up to 32 devices via Wi-Fi with the router. LTE router supports both the frequency division multiplexed frequency division duplex (FDD) as well as the time-division multiplexing time division duplex (TDD).

Both wireless technologies govern the communication between the receiver and the base station. The TDD method, the radio channels from the uplink and downlink between the receiver and the base station are separated. Thereby using the uplink and downlink transmission frequencies with the same periodic switching. The FDD method uplink and downlink in two different carrier frequencies can be realized. Between the two transmission belts, a safety belt is as a protective zone. When transmitting the data can be sent and received simultaneously.
LTE router for the non-stationary broadband expansion
The cooperation with the largest Saudi Arabian operator Mobily based according to data from Huawei on the fact that in the Near East in sparsely populated desert areas laying stationary broadband is expensive and hardly profitable. Here LTE would offer a low-cost alternative. Huawei sees as a target group not only the users of audio and video services, audio-visual media in the home network to enjoy, but also small and medium-sized offices. LTE Router Huawei B593 provides for connection to telephone, fax and printer – thus also VoIP possible. One can only hope that the provider of LTE services do not exclude the use of VoIP in their tariffs in the Terms and Conditions.

Wireless Keyboard and its benefits

People use the computers more than ever. Technology is what runs the world today and it isn’t hard to get caught in the craze. Desktop computers, laptops and notebooks, even cell phones are staple gadgets in the household, in businesses, for students or professionals, young and old alike. What are not common are the wires that hang from the keyboard and mouse that hinder movement and distance of use but there is no need to worry about those, too. The dawn of everything wireless now makes its mark in computers – Wireless Keyboard and mouse are just two of the new gadgets in the market today. However, there is no doubt that even though the wireless keyboard was launched onto the market later than the wireless mouse, it quickly became one of the -top-sell- items. >

There are a number of advantages for wireless pieces of equipment these days. The fast-paced lifestyle just cannot be bothered by a lot of wires to gather when going to a meeting or presenting at a conference, or pulling and tugging during a project that needs to be done immediately. Keeping things sleek and clean, wireless technology such as a Wireless Keyboard is gaining quite the popularity.

Powered by triple A batteries, a Wireless Keyboard gives its users a wide berth of movement. This is particularly useful when there is a need to go around the room while giving a lecture and the speaker has to maneuver his slides or presentation without going back and forth to the computer table. Similarly, a computer technician can troubleshoot any equipment without delay and can use his own things instead of relying on what the client has. That is one of the greatest advantages of the wireless keyboard and should not be underestimated in any way.

Usually coupled with a mouse of the same technology, a Wireless Keyboard works on Windows operating systems which is nearly what every other computer has. It takes the compatibility issue right out the window and users can operate the keyboard seamlessly with any unit that has a connectivity port for this gadget.

A Wireless Keyboard only needs a receiver to be attached to the external unit and the user is good to go. This receiver usually operates with a USB port which again is not a problem since most desktop and laptop computers have built in ports that can be used any time. It also covers quite the distance of ten meters more or less with a three hundred and sixty degree angle to give the user much space to work with instead of constricting him to one space, which is in front of the unit.

Interested shoppers can purchase only a Wireless Keyboard, however there are packages or kits that include a wireless mouse, and a receiver since these three usually go together and users get more use and equipment for a reduced cost.

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